The Weekender


And here we are, Sunday evening, sipping pinot gris and returning to this long abandoned space. I found myself reading my old blog today. It was funny, absurd, long winded, sporadically deep and filled with the kind of honest storytelling I love. What happened to that? That’s a rhetorical question. I know exactly what happened to it. Social Media happened. Now don’t worry. I’m not going to launch into a cliche diatribe on the evils of Instagram and the culture of comparison. I never actually suffered from that particular affliction. I think growing up a chubby girl in Los Angeles made me impervious to that sort of thing. No, what I’m talking about is more insidious. Social Media has a way of making the strange seem familiar and the disconnected appear connected.

It is a ruse.

But enough about that…clearly I am heading into diatribe territory. I think what I like most about blogging, if not necessarily blogs themselves, is the space to stretch. Although Instagram allows for fairly long winded posts…I don’t feel comfortable doing that. I am acutely aware that nobody goes to Instagram just for me. They are there to look, maybe like and keep it scrolling. I get it…I feel that way too. My blog is different. If you are here, then you are here for all of this. You know what you’re gonna get…or you’re at least interested in finding out.

I’m interested in finding out too.

April Traveler's Notebook

Even though I completed it a while ago, I'm just getting around to sharing my April Traveler's Notebook. I have a flip through coming with a bit more commentary a little bit later in the week. I am ever so slightly behind with my little monthly notebooks so I'll have to let you know my plan for playing catch-up...once I come up with one:) Until then, here's a look at some of my pages:

If you're interested in hearing me talk more about scrapbooking in my Traveler's Notebook, head on over to the The Scrap Gals Website and listen to the podcast I recorded with Tiffany and Tracie.

April Gossamer Blue Layouts

Since all that crazy Instagram drama, I've decided to make a concerted effort to post my monthly design team layouts here on the blog. As much as I love Instagram...and I do love it, I like having a bit more control over what I share. I don't like feeling dependent on a social media outlet that can do whatever they want whenever they want. That said, I will still post there, but I will post more here as well. I feel like the blog inspires me to tell a more in depth story and that's a good thing:)

Here's a few of the layouts I made for April using my Gossamer Blue Kits:

Gossamer Blue | February

Hello Everyone! Happy February! How did that happen? Forgive the oft repeated rhetorical question. I'm just always shocked by how fast life goes. I have lots of creative projects planned for this month...a return to regular art journaling, beginning my new monthly traveler's notebook, and finishing off my December Daily album...I know, I know. It's time to get it DONE.

But...before I get too ahead of myself, it's February 1st and that means a new Gossamer Blue kit is available. This month was a special one for me because not only did I design quite a few of the Life Pages cards, I also designed the stamps with the help of Michelle Wooderson's amazing input. EEP!

This month's kit is filled with color and beautiful Basic Grey. I don't normally gravitate toward Basic Grey but that's the beauty of kits. Sometimes it's just the nudge you need to try something new to you. In my case, that means trying new colors and patterns. As soon as I opened the kit, I started making layouts and couldn't stop. It's funny, but when that mojo appears, you don't ask questions, you just grab your glue stick and go! Here are some the layouts I made this month using a combination of The Main Scrapbook Kit, The Scrapbook Add-Ons and the Life Pages Kit.


If you're looking for some examples of how other have used their kit, don't forget to check out the gallery or @gossamerblue on Instagram. Like usual, the design team will be showcasing their layouts here and everyday on the Gossamer Blue blog.


My 2016 Project Life Plans

I'm not entirely sure calling it "project life" is entirely accurate. You'll see what I mean in a minute...but let me back up a bit.

I've never really done a traditional full size 12x12 Becky Higgins style Project Life. Oh sure, I got the big ass album and the jumbo pack of letter A protectors...I just didn't use them. I gave them away actually. Instead I went small opting for a 6x8 Snap album and a monthly approach. The whole point of this thing is to find what works and that took me a little while.

I have 2013 and 2014 nicely represented. Yes, there are gaps, but I'm okay with them. I decided to sit 2015 out. Why, you ask (I know you really didn't ask)? Well, I had just moved in December 2014 and I wasn't entirely happy or motivated to document the tundra I now called home, All my stuff was still packed away when January arrived and was still pretty much packed away in...well, I'd rather not say. Plus...I got distracted by art journaling my guts out and making layouts...lots and lots of layouts. I didn't forget Project Life though. I still watched tons of process videos and followed amazing Lifers on felt like enough, until it wasn't.

At the end of the year...Just a few weeks ago to be exact, I was organizing my 2015 projects and sensed something was missing. I was happy with the layouts and minis and art journal pages, but it felt incomplete. Everyday was missing. The in between was missing. The details. Life happens in those details and I didn't have them documented. Not like previous years. It made me realize that simple daily documentation is important to me on a gut level. Taking the time to observe, ruminate and savor is important to me. I knew what I needed to do.

If 2015 taught me anything, it taught me that memorykeeping comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes just observing and absorbing can be valuable. I wanted to try something new this year. Something that embraced the Project Life concept minus the pockets. I wanted to write and write like Doris Sander did in her hobonichi. I wanted to use stickers and lettering like Florence Antoinette did in her planner. I wanted to mix it up like Stephanie Bryan and add simple touches like Hopscotch Lane. I wanted a mix of colors and patterns like Elizabeth's December Daily. I wanted it to sometimes be less and other times be more. I wanted it all. A delightful papery mash-up. An art journal, traveler's notebook, planner, project life, minibook mix of real, colorful life.

Here's a little flip through and chat...